Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Name is Dorothy Thompson and I Hate Booksignings by Dorothy Thompson

It started out as a nice little day with the sun shining brightly, no rain in sight, and I was about to join three other authors, all three published by New York presses, at a NASA base on The Eastern Shore of Virginia. Oh, I don't mind mentioning where because I'm sure the story I'm about to tell could be read from my eyes by these NY authors that very day. And, I'm sure neither one of them even blog as they're scurrying about doing conferences and giving talks of which their hosts who booked them because they were NY published paid them for.

But, I digress.

There were four of us and I was the only one without a line at her table.

The NY published authors were laughing and gabbing among themselves as they fielded questions from said people in line, and sold lots of books.

I sold two.

The press did announce we were to be there so I'm presuming my name was included, but no one came to see me as I was not a NY published author, but an author published by a small press, even though they are a very respected small press.

I also had something else not in my favor. Their books were related to some kind of military stuff and mine was related to soul mates.

Lesson learned. Don't try to sell a relationship book to a bunch of NASA employees, 'cause they aren't going to buy.

So, who were my two buyers? One was running a craft exhibit opposite me and the other one was a Reiki teacher. Both women.

Who were the customers? Mainly men. A few women walked past me and the NY published authors as well, but the men were lined up to see said NY published authors that were pretty darn well known in my territory.

Although this wasn't my only booksigning, it was my last. Not that I won't partake on other offers to stand there, looking silly, and hawk my books to innocent potential buyers, but it did change my way of thinking.

I now promote exclusively online.

What I have learned in the last six years since I have been promoting online is that I am reaping more sales this way. Sure, it still takes work on my part and lots of it, but I can have bed hair and wear jammies and no one will know the wiser. I don't have to be something I'm not.

What with blogging, virtual book tours, connecting with online writers and readers, there is no reason why anyone has to put themselves through that torture just to sell books. Unless they want to.

It's probably not wise to openly and publicly announce that you hate booksignings, but I have a feeling I'm not alone.

I'm Dorothy Thompson and I hate booksignings. Thank you.

Dorothy Thompson
Editor/Co-Author Romancing the Soul
Co-Author The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost
CEO/Founder Pump Up Your Book Promotion PR

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