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Straight from the Mouth of 'The PureLights of Ohm Totem' Brandon Ellis

A Friend's Near Death Experience Brings Magic Into My Life 

               Many years ago an extremely good friend of mine had a Near Death Experience. When I first met her, she explained to me that there was nothing “near” about it. She was as dead as a door nail until someone revived her back to life several minutes later.

               I had met her when I was getting into the throes of writing. Little did I know she was about to change my life forever, especially in the writing field (not to mention every other field I entered into).
               Her name is Deborah B. Gregg, and this is how she died.

               She was standing at the edge of a river, looking down at the water, pondering if she should take a dive or not. The instant she jumped she saw something that the algae in the water had masked moments earlier—a large boulder inches below the water's surface.

               As her arms splashed into the water, she felt her hands hit the boulder. She pushed against the boulder in an attempt to guide her body away from it. Instead, her hands slipped and she hit her forehead against the large rock, splitting her head open, tearing several ligaments in her neck, and temporarily paralyzing her.

               She said she did the dead man's float—face down, bobbing up and down, unable to move. All she could do was watch the flurry of tiny fish swimming around, observe the busy water bugs moving about, and look at the beautiful sand stirring into a cloud, then settling to the bottom; all along not being able to do anything except wait to die.

               When the last seconds of her life started to fade, she popped out of her body, went up a tunnel, had a life review where she felt the wrongs and rights she did to others, then spoke with someone she called her “guide”—all in a place where time doesn't exist. She was told wondrous things and given many insights.

               It was years after her Near Death Experience when I met her. It's fifteen years later and we're still friends.

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               As I've stated above, she learned a great deal during her Near Death Experience, most of which I've been able to listen to and incorporate into my own life, leading me to success in many endeavors. In fact, I've learned just about everything I know through her Near Death Experience, even writing.

               Yes, writing.

               I'm a writer, or at least that's what I told her when I first met her. I had no idea at the time that I had to be a “good” writer in order for others to understand what I was trying to communicate. She pointed that out many times, making me practice and practice this sacred art. It helped that she was a damn good teacher and a literary genius to boot—something her “guide” at the top of the tunnel also pointed out during her death experience.

               Then it happened. A day I won't ever forget. A writer's dream come true.

               I was walking into my bedroom after a long day of work when an inspiring idea, or rather a story, exploded in my mind. The detail, the story line, the characters—everything—was so vivid and real. I don't know how long I was standing in my room, silent, staring at nothing but the book in my mind showing itself to me; but when it had stopped, I immediately wrote down the summary of what I saw, thinking that I'd get writing as soon as possible.

               Two years later, I just had the summary and a couple of completed chapters. Nothing more. Life had gotten in the way and I hadn't written much.

               Then it happened again. This time I was asleep, dreaming.

               I was dreaming of the book, the characters, the dialogue, the landscape, the map, and much more—for months! This prompted me to start writing and writing. Everywhere I went—to work, the park, a restaurant, you name it—I carried a pad and pencil, jotting down the story as I saw it, then weaving Deborah's words and wisdom of her Near Death Experience into it too. I even made a character with her personality. I named her “Snow Tree”, using her voice to carry us into the profound texture of my book. When I got deeper and deeper into the story, I realized that Nova, one of my main characters, was taking on a portion of my friend's disposition as well. Nova's dialogue was very similar to Deborah's, almost mimicking the way she spreads her sage-like advice and important messages to all who will listen.

               It wasn't until the middle of the book that I realized the name of it, “The PureLights of Ohm Totem”. It made perfect sense. You'll understand its title when you read it. It's a fantasy built in a world like none other, with characters like nowhere else, simply because it originated from a unique point, the point where the story exploded in my mind, offering itself to me on a silver platter, finishing with a series of dreams, and combined with fifteen years of study and friendship with my Near Death Experience friend, Deborah.

               A professional reviewer said it magically: “One of the best books I have ever read, and probably the best I've read so far this year.” - Joanna at Coffee Break

               By combining the insights of a Near Death Experience with the magic, intrigue, and plot of fantasy, you come away with a very rich experience. One that I think you'll love and enjoy.

               If you feel drawn to my book, “The PureLights of Ohm Totem”, then I hope you feel transported to a new, incredible world where adventure mixes with a myriad of important life lessons, taking place in a world where dreams and reality merge into one single place—the world we call Fantasy.


Brandon Ellis grew up on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon in a little town known as Gladstone, where he graduated high school and moved on to college and has two great loves in his life - writing and sports. 

After being declared an All State Baseball and All League Basketball player, he obtained his Therapeutic Massage License and became one of the most successful Sports Massage Therapists and teachers in the City of Portland. He's now creating imaginative worlds of inspiration and art through his books.
Twitter: @thepurelights
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