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Straight From the Mouth of David S. Brody, author of Oath of Nimrod

Title: Oath of Nimrod
Author: David S. Brody
Publisher: Eyes That See
Pages: 283
Genre: Historical Suspense
Format: Paperback/Ebook

 A mysterious race of North American giants. An ancient Hebrew inscription in a Cherokee burial mound. A blood oath made by blindfolded Freemasons. Are these three historical oddities the reason the CIA is trying to brainwash historian Cameron Thorne and his fiancĂ©e Amanda Spencer-Gunn? The answer lies buried in the legends of the Knights Templar, within the rituals of the secretive Freemasons and, most significantly of all, inside the bowels of the Smithsonian Institution. The problem for Cam and Amanda? If they go rummaging around the Smithsonian, they may find themselves buried alongside the ancient giants.

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A Whole World Full of Strangers
By David S. Brody

There’s an old adage in the book industry: “Any author can sell as many books as there were guests at his or her wedding.” This is sort of obvious—I can expect my closest friends and family to plunk down a twenty for one of my books every couple of years even if they have no intention of reading any more than the title.

But then what?

Strangers. There are millions of you out there, many of you with money to spend and an eye out for a good read. You don’t ask for freebies, you don’t psychoanalyze my characters (“I didn’t know you hated your sister”), and you don’t feel the need to call me every time you ferret out a typo. Better yet, you didn’t know me when I was struggling and unpublished—in your minds, I am a real-life published author, someone to be admired and respected (my job, of course, being to write a good enough book so that your admiration doesn’t evaporate by the end of the first chapter).

I gave a lecture recently in my home town, discussing the research behind my latest historical thriller (my seventh). As I scanned the room, I realized I recognized only a handful of the attendees. At first I was miffed—where were all my so-called friends and neighbors? Then it struck me: After seven books, they didn’t feel the need to hold my hand anymore. Those that enjoyed my books would buy them; those that didn’t, wouldn’t. In their place sat a room full of strangers—readers fascinated by my stories and anxious to dive into my latest work.

So where do authors find wonderful, book-buying strangers like you? We don’t; you find us. You write to us, you respond to our blogs, you recommend us to friends. We cherish you because you are our life-blood—what use is a book if it goes unread? So please don’t be shy. You are strangers, which makes you better than friends.

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David S. Brody is a Boston Globe bestselling fiction writer named Boston's "Best Local Author" by the Boston Phoenix newspaper. A graduate of Tufts University and Georgetown Law School, he is a former Director of the New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA) and is an avid researcher in the subject of pre-Columbian exploration of America. He has appeared as a guest expert on documentaries airing on History Channel, Travel Channel, PBS and Discovery Channel.
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