Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Interview with M.J. Abrams, author of Chubby Wubbles

Title: Chubby Wubbles: A Ferret’s Tale
Author: M.J. Abrams
Publisher: Trafford
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Format: Ebook
A delightful story about the adventures of a young man and a mischievous ferret awaits in Chubby Wubbles!
This vibrant picture book tells a compelling story about the bond that develops between them. As the story unfolds, their loneliness leads to a fateful meeting and a growing friendship. Together they embark on an exciting journey that progresses with lots of humor, fun, and unexpected drama along the way. Chubby Wubbles will warm the hearts of children everywhere!

Question #1 - Can you please tell us about your book and why you wrote it?

Chubby Wubbles is a children's photo picture story book about the friendship between a young man and a lovable ferret determined to find his missing playmate. I perceived an interesting story developing after observing several incidents and interaction involving my son and his pet ferrets.  I often visited him at his apartment, and thought it would be fun to write a book about him and his pets. I took some awesome pictures of his ferrets and I thought they would blend in nicely with the storyline.
Question #2 - What were some of the biggest challenges you faced writing it?
Coordinating the photos I had available, and matching them up with the storyline in a logical progression. Also, changing the story around as other ideas came to mind, then reorganizing the photos, adding or eliminating them accordingly.
Question #3 - Do you plan subsequent books?
If another good story comes into my head, I certainly would give it a go.
Question #4 - When and why did you begin writing?
I decided to write a book when I perceived a good story evolving about my son and his ferrets.     I always thought it would be nice to have written a book as a personal accomplishment. I never thought much about becoming a writer. I always felt I had the ability to write a book if a good story came along.
Question #5 - What is your greatest strength as an author?
My greatest strength as an author would be the quest for perfection in my storyline, and to get my ideas across in an entertaining manner, to the best of my ability.
Question #6 - Did writing this book teach you anything?

It taught me that no matter how good you think your book is, there’s always room for improvement with good editing. Diligence and persistence eventually pay off with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

After being an observer and non-pet owner, I was thrown into the mix because my son was leaving and I couldn’t bear the thought of him having to give up his pet ferret to someone else. Since I’ve grown so attached to this lovable critter, I agreed to take care of him while he was away. Because of the many experiences my son has had with this adorably sweet animal, I decided to write a children’s book based on a true story about their adventures and misadventures.

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