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Straight From the Mouth of Horror Thriller Author Jens Boele


 Why I Wrote Urbex Predator

By Jens Boele

Imagine exploring an abandoned barracks, only to run into a gang of ruthless thugs, with no police in sight to intervene if things go south. Sounds like the plot of my book, right? Well, replace the barracks with an abandoned hospital, and that's where I found myself.

As an urban explorer and amateur photographer, decay and ruins have always fascinated me. It all began several years ago during a visit to California when I stumbled upon an abandoned water park in the Mojave Desert. The place had an eerie yet captivating atmosphere, reminiscent of "Zombieland." Picture the desert heat, scorching sun, and remnants of civilization laid bare before you, enveloped in absolute silence. It was a moment straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie, sparking my love for urban exploring—a passion I indulge in when I'm not writing.

Inspiration strikes from the things that move me, the experiences I can feel. Sometimes, it's just a single spark that ignites an idea. In "Urbex Predator," Nela and Tess stumble upon an abandoned barracks overrun by a gang of hoodlums, mirroring an encounter I had with a friend. The what-if scenario that followed became the seed for the story. In the fall of 2021, after a day exploring and photographing on the Canary Islands, I sat down with a beer and outlined the plot, drawing from the amalgamation of abandoned military sites I'd encountered across Europe since the end of the Cold War era.

Every horror story requires an initial sin, an enclosed setting, and a monster. I've always been intrigued by the darker facets of human nature—what drives people to commit acts of evil and crime. In "Urbex Predator," we confront a group of neglected youths who form a toxic alliance, embodying the desolation of the abandoned buildings they inhabit. As night descends, the hunt begins.

After months of crafting, the story finally took shape and the book was born. I hope you enjoy the journey it takes you on.

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Jens Boele, a veteran media designer in the entertainment industry, brings over two decades of cinematic expertise to his writing. Born in Germany in 1975, Jens embarked on his writing odyssey in his youth, culminating in the publication of his debut book, “Sunshine,” in 2015. This was followed by “Hurensohn,” and his latest spine-tingling creation, “Urbex Predator.” Jens is a genre-bending author, specializing in horror and crime thrillers. His narratives often blur genre lines, weaving intricate tales that plunge readers into the darkest corners of the human psyche. Jens’s storytelling brilliance lies in his fascination with the criminal mind; his villains are always profoundly human, offering readers a chilling examination of the psychological aspects of the criminally insane. Jens sets himself apart by seamlessly integrating classic horror with the gritty authenticity of the present day. This innovative fusion imbues his narratives with a dynamic quality, seamlessly blending archaic thrills with contemporary intrigue, resulting in an immersive reading experience that resonates with both vintage enthusiasts and present-day readers alike. Jens Boele’s latest endeavor takes his work across borders, as “Urbex Predator” becomes his first book to be translated into English. A globetrotter with deep connections to the United States, Jens’s passion for exploration and his international perspective, nurtured by family and friends in the US, shine through in his writing, offering readers a captivating blend of horror and cultural diversity. Visit Jens’ website at

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Straight From the Mouth of Children's Book Author Negrita Smart


 The Inspiration Behind Grace And The Golden Rule

By Negrita Smart

I initially outlined Grace And The Golden Rule in my journal. I outlined the beginning, middle, and end of the story. I knew what message I wanted to share. I knew the name of the main character,

Grace. I already visualized her face including specific details such as the freckles on her checkbones and the huge, brown, curly hair. 

Although I had this prepared inspirational message and character to share with the world, I did not know how to move beyond the creative stage. I researched the internet for steps on how to publish a book. I found several steps and suggestions but I was a novice to the book publishing process and I needed more direction. 

I remembered when we were younger, my sisters and I attended church with a person that later became a very successful author. I do not believe it was a coincidence that I suddenly remembered her from over twenty years ago. 

After a few attempts to make contact with her, she and I finally connected. I still remember the day we spoke. 

She shared her author journey with me and encouraged me to pursue my dream of writing. Not only did she provide me with sound advice and direction, she introduced me to a Children’s book publisher. Afterwards, she continued to touch base with me and provide support. I am thankful for my friend’s mentorship. She is listed on the dedication page of the book.  

The publisher and I began working together and I was guided through each step of the book publishing process. The publisher explained to me how to organize and write the manuscript which was the most important step to becoming published. I was also educated on what to expect in every step of the process from beginning to end. During our initial conversation we set goals and discussed what was necessary to accomplish the goals. 

The most extensive process was scene illustration. It was important that each scene illustration communicated the emotions and message of the book. Cover design was very important because it served as the introduction to Little Miss Grace, her debut. 

After four months of editing, scene illustration, cover design, and typesetting Grace And The Golden Rule was published and available on Amazon.  



Negrita Smart is a small-town girl from Dadeville, Alabama. She is a wife, sister, believer, and teacher at heart.

The first of her family to graduate from college, Negrita holds a Masters in Business Administration and the insurance designation of Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters and holds insurance licenses in Property and Casualty and Life and Health. She credits and shares her accomplishments with her supportive family.     

Negrita loves spending time with her family and has happily taken on the official role of Event Planner bringing family members together through fun and love. 

In her professional life, Negrita utilizes her talent for sharing knowledge and information as a new-hire trainer creating user-friendly webinars, courses, tests, and gauge learning within business areas such as auto, property, and agriculture.    

As an author, Negrita is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators always looking to connect, share and grow with fellow writers.    

An active supporter of her local church ministry, Negrita is driven to share life lessons with children through story-telling and relatable characters.  

Follow her on Instagram at

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Straight From the Mouth of Self-Help Author Jamie Linn Saloff


 The Inspiration Behind Hatch: A Change Your Life Guide

By Jamie Linn Saloff

I hadn’t seen my brother for over twenty years, then in early August of this. year, we were fortunate to finally meet up. After going out to dinner he laughed and said, “Do you remember this?” and he proceeded to tell a story about three-year-old me when I took a crayon

and wrote all over the foyer floor. My mother, apparently frustrated by the unending antics of an active three-year-old (she had me late in life), handed me a rag and commanded that I “clean it up.” According to my brother, I looked up at my mother and declared, “You’d better get some Ajax because this (expletive) isn’t going to come up.” And thus began my career as a writer. 

Shortly after, I would work tirelessly to carefully create connected swirls and tall loops on a scratch pad. I filled page after page. Once again, my mother’s critique did not come off favorably. “Why did you ruin this tablet?” she asked. “I’m writing a book!” I declared. 

Fortunately, my next foray into writing, a hand-typed, error-filled, 4x5 sheet of paper containing my eight-year-old bio, finally found “publication” when my mother glued it permanently into my baby book. 

All this foolishness aside, I think this means I always knew I would be a writer, that I always knew I would write books, I just had to find my way. That would take time, effort, struggle, frustration, and so much more as I traveled along my way to publication. 

After I married, I tried my hand at writing articles for magazines. Being rejected by Brides, and others, I tried for smaller and smaller publications. I remember being thrilled to have an article appear in a magazine focused on coupon clipping. My first paid article featured my mother’s home business, which appeared in a collecting magazine. Still, my “career” in writing wasn’t exactly moving forward, nor was it profitable. 

About this time, I attended a seminar on getting published. The speaker also hosted a weekly round table at his home for a handful of wannabe authors. He taught us how to review other’s writing (does it make you feel?) and how to attend to the business of writing by sending query letters. From this focused study, I sold my first book, The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Cowan Pottery. Not long after, I sold my second, The Publishing Center. But neither of these books were really what I wanted to write about. My husband kept teasing me that I should “write something that sells like a JFK Conspiracy book” but instead, I started writing about how I transformed my life. 

Most of my life I struggled to find my place. I didn’t seem to fit into normal circles. As I began to find my way, my life broke wide open. Amazing things began to happen. I knew I wanted to share what I’d learned with others. I wanted them to know, no matter what you’ve been through—illness, trauma, grief, etc., these are the things that make you into who you are meant to be. Having been in a place where I never believed life could get better, I found myself driven to share my story and help others so they too could follow their heart and break open their lives too.

Although I initially pursued publishing that book traditionally, along my path to writing it, I began helping the formerly mentioned mentor take his books to the new-on-the-scene Lighting Print (which would later become Lightning Source). From this, I quickly found myself in the business of helping other authors self-publish. (I am now semi-retired from that endeavor). My own books floundered while I gave other authors my attention.  

During those years, I also began giving a lot of my time as a volunteer for a writer’s organization. I met so many helpful people—authors, agents, editors—and learned so much from them. Most of them were happy to give back because someone did the same for them. (I highly recommend this to others who want to learn the ropes of publishing.) 

In 2017, after a bout of breast cancer, I realized I wanted to refocus my attention on my own books. All told, I have published twelve, my latest being Hatch – A Change Your Life Guide. I’m also working on a series of Marvelous Messages books the next to be “…From Your Ancestry” which also includes a deck of cards. After that, I want to create a video course, a community where I can interact with others, and an incubator program where I can privately mentor others.

Writing, publishing, and working with countless other authors, has given me a wonderful life adventure. While I might not have traveled this path had I known the struggles and frustrations I would face, having come this far, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I still find the art and science of publishing fascinating. 



Jamie Linn Saloff is passionate about aiding fiercely independent, misfit, square pegs trapped in an unfulfilling life. Author, teacher, story weaver, spiritual counselor, seer of visions, pathfinder, for over thirty years Jamie’s taught how to reignite your heart by listening to your body groan and your soul weep. She is the author of twelve books including Hatch: A Change Your Life Guide and her Marvelous Messages™ series.

Author Links  

Website | Facebook | Facebook Author Page | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Amazon Profile


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Straight From the Mouth of Dark Urban Fantasy Romance Author Jo Denning


 10 Things You Might Not Know About Hush Hush City

By Jo Denning

Did you know that Hush Hush City…

  1. Explores the overlap of Viking and Irish culture? (Bonus fact: The Vikings ruled Dublin for nearly three-hundred years.)
  2. Includes cameos with Clara and Chelsea?
  3. Gives more information about Reilly’s heritage and her mysterious father, Cian Dermot?
  4. Features new monsters and myths, including draugr and dhampyr?
  5. Describes many modern magical practices like osteomancy, crystal charging, and Ogham?
  6. Reveals Somerled’s true identity?
  7. Illustrates Delaney and Aiden’s psychic abilities? 
  8. Touches on the fraught history between Ukraine and Russia?
  9. Shows the dark past Alderisi and Somerled share?
  10. Introduces Maureen’s (real) boyfriend?


Jo Denning is the author of the Saoirse Reilly series. She has spent her career as a behavioral health therapist supporting kids and teens who struggle with addiction. Jo began writing supernatural crime thrillers as a way of processing the traumatic things she has seen and heard. Her characters may be supernatural but their stories, their fear, and their pain are real. So, too, are the triumphs over impossible odds.

When she’s not writing, Jo enjoys baking, drawing, and watching trashy reality TV. She makes her home somewhere in the contiguous United States with her husband, one fluffy cat, and one barely domesticated cat.

Let’s Connect!

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Straight From the Mouth of Nonfiction Author Kristina Mand-Lakhiani


 What is Becoming Flawesome?

By Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

Being deeply involved in the personal growth industry for 20 years, surrounded by professional friends who have written and published successful books, I always assumed that I would write a book. It seemed like a natural progression within our industry. However, my tendency to be brutally honest with myself presented a challenge. I knew that I would only write a book when I had something meaningful to contribute. This realization took years because I had been focused on my work as an entrepreneur and marketer, helping other authors convey their messages and teaching their methods. It was only after some time that I recognized I had my own unique perspective to share, even if it drew inspiration from the teachings of others. 
At a certain point, I felt a strong desire to share a message with the world, and that was the moment I knew I was ready to write the book. I sat down and began the writing process. However, my initial concern was finding the right publisher. Given my deep involvement in the industry, I felt a strong inclination to publish with an exceptional and reputable publisher. I hesitated to publish independently, as I felt it would not align with the ideas I embraced as a co-founder of a prominent company in our field. It dawned on me that if I wanted to write a book about staying true to myself, my values, and authenticity, I needed to do it on my own terms. This realization led me to choose self-publishing, enabling me to make independent decisions about content, writing style, and the order in which it would be presented. The initial version of the book carried a rebellious tone, reflecting this newfound autonomy.
However, upon completing the manuscript and preparing for publication, an unexpected opportunity arose. A reputable publisher, one that I had admired for some time, expressed interest in publishing my book. At that point, I felt that my book could benefit from being associated with a well-established publisher like Hay House. I agreed to work with them under the condition that they would allow me to retain my unique and somewhat obstinate style. Although additional editing was done in collaboration with Hay House, the book still maintains some of its unconventional nature. In essence, this book represents a small act of rebellion, which aligns well with its topic. This book will help you to find your way back to your most authentic self, break free from toxic perfectionism, and start living flawesomely - find the courage to be completely honest with yourself, and kindness in your heart to love and accept yourself unconditionally.


Kristina Mand-Lakhiani is an international speaker, entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, and mother of 2 kids. As a co-founder of Mindvalley, a leading publisher in the personal growth industry, Kristina dedicated the last 20 years of her career from teachers like Michael Beckwith, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, and many more.

She started her career in a government office in her native Estonia and, by her mid-20s, achieved a level of success mostly known to male politicians at the end of their careers. It was shortly after that Kristina and her then-husband Vishen founded Mindvalley. From a small meditation business operating out of the couple’s apartment in New York, the company grew into a global educational organization offering top training for peak human performance to hundreds of thousands of students all around the world.

Kristina believes life it too important to be taken seriously and makes sure to bring fun into every one of her roles: as a teacher, mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and world traveler. Kristina helps her students to virtually hack happiness by taking them through her unique framework – “Hacking happiness” – a unique framework of balancing your life, taking in every moment, and paying close attention the small daily choices.

Kristina is also the author of three transformational quests – “7 Days to Happiness“, “Live By Your Own Rules.” and “The Art of Being Flawesome.” Kristina talks about personal transformation, authenticity, understanding and accepting oneself, and a path to happiness.

In July 2023, with the help of Hay House Publishing, Kristina releases her very first book – “Becoming Flawesome” #BecomingFlawsome. In her book, Kristina shares her own journey from being on top of a personal growth empire like Mindvalley to stepping aside, conscious uncoupling from her husband, and walking her path towards being more honest with herself.



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Straight From the Mouth of Nonfiction Christian Author Amy W. Vogel


 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me - Amy W. Vogel

By Amy W. Vogel

  1. I love to connect with people, so I hope these ten things about me help you relate to me – and to my work! It’s a very fun life I lead. I’m honored it is mine and to get to write you a little note to share with you who I am!

  2. I’ve been writing for almost two decades, but this is the first time I’ve self-published a book (but not the last!) 

My first book – Third Person – was published through a niche traditional publisher called Seedbed in 2018.

  1. We’ve lived through the teenage phase twice. I have three daughters, and both are older teens now. It was rough till about 17 (about the time they hit senior year) so if you are going through it, hang in there! I’ve got another one to see this tumultuous period of life, so that’s good advice for me too.
  1.  I’ve been in two plane crashes! That’s usually one of the things I use during the game two truths and a lie so I’m going to have to think of new ones now. They were both minors and no one else was hurt but it was freaking scary, nonetheless.
  1.  I used to be a pastor. While I was not ordained in any church, I was in ministry for a decade and served in a pastoral role. It was a wonderful way to serve and love people. I’m still doing that just in a different way now.
  1. My husband and I had a destination before it was cool. Back in 2002, destination weddings were just on the cusp of becoming “a thing,” so we learned a lot about what we would do differently. However, it is still the best party I’ve ever been to, despite being badly sunburned!
  1. Being an author, speaker and consultant is my third career. I was in sales for over a decade, then was home with my kids before going into ministry. When that season concluded in 2022, I begin exploring how to do this full-time. Everything I’ve done before definitely contributes to work for myself.
  1. What you see is what you get with me. I once had someone say there is no way I could really be the same person in public as I am at home, but you can ask anyone. I really am. I might not curse if I don’t know you but then again, I might. 
  1. My family and I have lived overseas twice. We lived in Trinidad for a year and then in Italy. They were incredible times of growth and education for our whole family.
  1. My middle daughter is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed when she was four and we walked through almost a year of treatment to get her to where she has been for thirteen years – cancer free! She also has no side effects, and we are constantly in awe at God’s grace and mercy on her (and our) lives.
  1. I LOVE to read. I also love to work out. I try to do both daily and it helps keep me sane, because we are always coming and going. My TBR can be anything from theology to hard core smut. I love it all.

Thanks for getting to know me and please pick up a copy of my book Come to Me: A Devotional for Healing from Hurt on Amazon. May Love bless you, keep you and fill you!


Amy W. Vogel is an accomplished author, speaker, podcaster, and ministry consultant. She loves learning and sharing her knowledge through stories in her inspirational projects and fiction novels.

Amy creates, leads, and speaks to large and small groups and churches to help people understand their inherent worth and goodness by giving them a vision of hope for everyone, everywhere. She is married to David, has three daughters, and lives in Houston, TX.





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Straight From the Mouth of Thriller Author Karen Charles


 5 Things You Might Not Know About Fateful Connections

By Karen Charles

1. At a Christmas brunch my friend, Sandy, told a story of what happened to her brother who was at a CEO conference on 9/11. I was so intrigued by the bazaar events that I decided to develop it into a thriller.

2. After I heard the story my book is based on, it took a year and a half before I began writing the manuscript.

3. I own a condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where one of my characters in the book lives.

4. The ranch setting in Santa Clarita, California is owned by my son.

5. One of the characters in the book is very much like me.


Karen Charles is a children’s book author and educator. She lives with her husband on a beautiful bay in Washington State. Her latest book is the thriller, Fateful Connections.




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